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From Heath Borders <>
Subject Re: ADF Faces and MyFaces' forceId
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 23:04:07 GMT
I inadvertently realized that you didn't actually need to wrap all your 
includes in <f:subviews>, when I accidentally forgot to do it once. I just 
kept on doing it for blind consistency reasons :-). Still, it seems either 
that the option should be applied to a UIData, or else UIData should have a 
standardized way that it modifies its clientId depending on its row.

Currently, the API says:
"Return a client identifier for this component that includes the current 
value of the rowIndex property, if it is not set to -1. This implies that 
multiple calls to getClientId() may return different results, but ensures 
that child components can themselves generate row-specific client 
identifiers (since
 Obviously, if it said, "appends the row index between []'s after 
UIComponentBase's clientId" would provide a more solid interface for 

On Apr 1, 2005 4:30 PM, Sean Schofield <> wrote:
> > You shouldn't have to use <f:subview> in those cases; somehow,
> > <f:subview> got tangled up with includes, but its real purpose in
> > life is being a NamingContainer, so the combo of "gimme an
> > <f:subview>, but don't prepend its id" doesn't make sense.
> > Prepending IDs is what <f:subview> is for.
> So is that whole subview/server-side include issue been resolved in
> the 1.2 spec? I know there was talk of it but I didn't find anything
> concrete in the early draft. If you no longer have to use subview for
> includes, then I agree completely with your argument.
> > -- Adam
> sean

-Heath Borders-Wing

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