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From Oliver Rossmueller <>
Subject Re: [vote] Switch to Subversion
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 16:16:21 GMT
I still have to express my disapprobation concerning the use of 
subversion. But as there is no choice anyway I revise my (non-binding) 
vote to



Oliver Rossmueller wrote:

> While subversion has it's merits
> -1 from me to switch to subversion at this point in time.
> We had this discussion a few times in the past and IMHO the most 
> important argument against svn has not changed until today: tool 
> support for subversion is far from what's available for CVS so this 
> switch would be a step back in developer productivity from my POV. And 
> I hate these stuipid long revision ids subversion uses as I'm not able 
> to memorize them for more than a minute's time ;-)
> As for source history: as far as I followed the discussions there will 
> be some moving/renaming of top-level directories in the myfaces module 
> so this can be done on filesystem level in the repository without 
> loosing history (same way as we did when migrating the sources from 
> sourceforge to ASF). This might be not that comfortable as it would be 
> using svn, but it can be done.
> Oliver
> Manfred Geiler wrote:
>> Final release 1.0.9beta is only a question of hours now. After
>> publication will be the best time to finally move our repository out
>> of the incubator.
>> We have already discussed and voted about the SVN issue, but there are
>> some new and changed circumstances and I would like to find out if
>> there are still committers who have serious objection against SVN.
>> Cons:
>> - IntelliJ users still do not have integrated SVN support.
>> Pros:
>> - SVN is the new repository technology for ASF. At the long term all
>> Apache projects should have moved to SVN. So it's unwritten common
>> sense that new top level projects should start with SVN from the
>> beginning.
>> - As you know, SVN is able to keep history for renamed and moved files
>> and dirs. Just now we are discussing some serious structural changes
>> (subprojects, sandbox, etc.) If we do that now in CVS we would loose
>> valuable history for many files.
>> - TortoiseSVN is a powerful alternative for all IntelliJ users in the 
>> meantime.
>> So here is my definite
>> +1 for switching from CVS to Subversion
>> -Manfred

Oliver Rossmueller
Software Engineer and IT-Consultant
Hamburg, Germany

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