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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Nightly builds are ready
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 05:31:36 GMT
Hi Sean,

thanks for enabling this cool stuff :)

That will be a indeed a big benefit to MyFaces.


Sean Schofield wrote:
> I finally finished up with the nightly builds.  They are being
> generated at 11:00 PM EST from my Linux server.  They are being
> published to which is
> available by link from the myfaces website.  Once there is an ASF box
> dedicated for performing and hosting builds we'll move it there.
> Files older than seven days will be automatically purged.  (Thank you
> Craig for sharing your cron script for jakarta-commons.)  I've tested
> this manually but we'll need to check at the end of next week to
> verify the cron is working properly.  Thanks to Sylvain for the idea
> of using jsch.jar to do the scp from Ant.  That works like a charm!
> This should really benefit the MyFaces project.  We have a lot of
> users that struggle with doing builds, etc. who can now use (and test)
> the latest features more easily.  It should also help us to identify
> bugs closer to when they are introduced.   I noticed a lot of users
> seemed to be using 1.0.8 until the RC1 and RC2 became available. 
> Hopefully the nightlies will encourage people to use the latest code
> sooner.
> sean

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