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From Andrew Thornton <>
Subject Re: TabChangeListener / TabChangeListenerTag
Date Tue, 15 Mar 2005 10:48:35 GMT
Sean Schofield wrote:
> Andrew,
> Sorry I am not very familar with TabChangeListener.  This type of
> question is really more appropriate for the myfaces-user list.  The
> developers watch that one too and one of our user's might be able to
> help you as well.

Having looked at this again, I've come to the conclusion that there is a 
problem with the TabChangeListenerTag. I don't think that the current 
implementation is at all useful. I think that instead of being given a 
classname to instantiate, it would far more useful if you could feed it 
a valueBinding to a listener.

Once you evaluate the binding to find a listener, there are a couple of 
problems with the naive approach of attaching it. However if you simply 
attach a listener which on process* re-evaluates the binding it should 

I am not sure that I have completely thought out this problem though. So 
any thoughts?


(I attach a patch to that shows this behaviour. I've changed the 
attribute of the TabChangeListenerTag to value. Unfortunately I don't 
know how to create a context patch that will create a file, so add 
ValueBindingTabChangeListener to the same directory as the tag.)

Andrew Thornton

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