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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject Re: Examples Subproject (Re: [VOTE] Simplified Examples (was Simplified Examples))
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:29:15 GMT

thanks for feedback.

Ok so we will have as far as I see our current website app
and soon simplified web app.

On subproject I don't want to run mailinglist on CVS

and so on. Only a special folder in CVS like the
Struts guys do with their subprojects (eg flow)

@website: I just made some changes. Some other are following.
One topic was Tomcat5.5.x issue.

I am just uploading it!

Did I miss something?


Manfred Geiler wrote:
> Why *replace* current examples?
> Let's start a new webapp called "simplesamples" or "tutorial" or 
> similar. At the time when every single component is part of this new 
> webapp we could still remove the old examples or make it deprecated. No 
> need to hurry, IMHO.
> +1 for simplified version
> -1 for replacing the old examples now
> Regarding subproject:
> Before dealing with the question of making a subproject for the 
> examples, we should rather think about making the extensions and 
> components a subproject, IMHO.
> And if we speak of a subproject, we must also come to a common sense of 
> what we mean by that. Does subproject also mean a completely separated 
> CVS dir? That would make things unnecessary difficult (build process, 
> etc.), I think. Should we have separated mailing-lists? Hmm, even now 
> people sometimes have problems to differentiate between our two lists. 
> ;-) So, what remains, is the structure of our docs and the homepage. 
> Would be enough, IMHO. Clear separation of the kind "Getting started 
> with MyFaces Impl" , "Replacing RI", "MyFaces extended standard 
> components", "MyFaces custom components" and so on.
> Thoughts?
> Manfred
> Matthias Wessendorf schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I thought about something like a *subproject* for our
>> MyFaces examples sometimes before.
>> We have now lot's of (different) applications that
>> demonstrated the use of MyFaces (and its components)
>> -the *hot* disscussed MyFaces-exmaple
>> -Tiles example
>> -WAP/WML example
>> -the new HelloWorld example
>> that is a lot's of good stuff!
>> So why not creating a subproject for that?
>> MyFaces is toplevel project and there is room
>> for something like that.
>> Struts has a similar facility. On SF they host
>> some *cool* examples or enhancements that are
>> not inside the *core* of Struts.
>> We must not host our examples @sf, but we could
>> start with something like
>> so there is also room for some real world
>> examples (using Spring, Hibernate, EJB,...)
>> and also for the simplefied example.
>> What do you think about something like that?
>> -Matthias
>> Sean Schofield wrote:
>>> The vote is only on replacing the myfaces-examples with one that does
>>> not use the menu, verbatim, etc.  I agree that a fancy application
>>> that shows off MyFaces is a good idea.
>>> Right now though, the examples are mostly used to show how each
>>> component works.  Its hard to focus on that when you are dealing with
>>> subviews, menus, etc.  So again: Can we replace myfaces-examples with
>>> the simplified version?  That is the question I am posing.
>>> As for the RI, those examples are not really relevant.  If you want to
>>> know how to use the tree component you will need a simplified example
>>> from MyFaces.
>>> sean
>>> On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 11:38:53 -0800, Derek Shen <> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> Sorry, not going to vote here.
>>>> I think what we need is multiple set of well-organized examples.
>>>> Here're some ideas I can come up with:
>>>> 1. simple examples - more like the helloworld and guess number type of
>>>> examples. This set of exmaples are simple and more generic.
>>>> 2. MyFaces specific examples - show the power of the new features
>>>> MyFaces provides, e.g. new JSF components, tiles integration and
>>>> portlet integration, etc.
>>>> 3. More complex real world examples - like Petstore or duke's
>>>> bookstore application. It not only shows JSF, but also shows the
>>>> integration between JSF, and other frameworks, e.g. Spring, Hibernate,
>>>> JDO, EJB, etc.
>>>> If I have to vote, I would vote -1. The examples we have now are
>>>> pretty good. It is always easy to get the simple examples, e.g. from
>>>> Sun JSF RI and migrated it to MyFaces by simply replacing some jars.
>>>> Derek
>>>> On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 13:49:21 -0500, Sean Schofield
>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>> OK I am changing the subject to a simple vote.  +1 if you favor
>>>>> *replacing* myfaces-examples with a simplified version that strips
>>>>> away the menu stuff.  This is not a decision on how to handle testing.
>>>>> I'd like Matthias to commit what I've sent him for reasons I
>>>>> explained earlier.
>>>>> +1 = yes simplified examples is better
>>>>> -1 = no leave examples the way they are
>>>>> For reference, Matthias posted a WAR he made using the files I sent
>>>>> him.  IMO you can easily imagine what this looks like without having
>>>>> to do download it :-)
>>>>> sean
>>>>> btw I vote +1
>>>>> On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:06:20 -0500, Sean Schofield
>>>>> <> wrote:
>>>>>> Martin,
>>>>>> Matthias seemed to interpret your answer as favoring two sets of
>>>>>> examples.  One for simple examples and one basically the way it is
>>>>>> now.  I had a slightly different take on your answer.  I thought
>>>>>> were agreeing with Sylvain that we should have one set of test
>>>>>> examples and one set of simple examples.
>>>>>> Are we both correct?  Did you mean that the current examples would
>>>>>> the test examples?  I don't personally think this is a good idea.
>>>>>> Basically we will just be maintaining a second set of every example.
>>>>>> I think the test examples do not have to be inside the menu, etc.
>>>>>> Obviously you want a *single* test example (and simple example) that
>>>>>> uses the menu.  But keeping every example inside the menu 
>>>>>> framework is
>>>>>> what I object to.  Its harder to understand and maintain.
>>>>>> I have a few more simple examples to contribute but I am waiting
>>>>>> this to be resolved.  Also I noticed Sylvain just updated his
>>>>>> HtmlEditor example.  Since I've already done all the work to simplify
>>>>>> the examples we should decide if we are going to use them before
>>>>>> changes are made.
>>>>>> sean

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