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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Revised Webapps Proposal
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:52:43 GMT
Here is an updated proposal.  

We should create a new simple-examples webapp using the simplified JSP
pages that I gave Matthias.  This I think we are in 100% agreement on
this (we'll leave the original alone for now.)

We should dramatically simplify the build scripts used to build the webapps.

Here are the problems with the current build scripts as I see them:

i.   There are a bunch of them and now we need one more (for
simplified examples)

ii.  Each build script is in its own folder inside the build directory
of CVS which contains nothing but that build script

iii. The build scripts have a lot of extra stuff for deploying to
Tomcat which I think we could take out.  The nightly build (which
builds these examples) should not require TOMCAT_HOME which is now
required because of the catalina-ant.jar tasks.

Here is my proposal:

1. Move the stuff in webapps/examples/src to webapps/src (so it can be
more easily shared across the webapps.)

2. Create a new webapps/simple directory where the stuff I gave Matthias goes

3. Create a new build-webapps.xml script which will compile the
example src and build the appropriate war files (no deployment, etc.) 
Webapps to be built will include: blank, myfaces-examples and
simple-examples for now.

4. Get rid of the separate build scripts for blank, myfaces-examples
and simple-examples.

5. Modify the nightly bootstrap build file to also build the webapps
and then tar them up.  Also add a "release" target to the bootstrap
file so we can build the release and nightlies using CVS in a
consistent manner (as Martin Cooper has suggested.)

I will do the grunt work of all of this if we can get agreement.  I
think it would be a mistake to not try to get control of some of this
stuff right now while we have the chance.


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