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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Re: Another bug in h:selectBooleanCheckbox while embeded in a x:dataTable
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:51:52 GMT

The other checkboxes aren't reset because they are on every tab.  They
are always being resubmitted.

Would you agree that the checkboxes are being reset on the decode as
long as no value is posted (and that they are not disabled)?  That
much seems clear from
the decodeUISelectBoolean method.

The only thing I can't be sure of is that the values aren't being
posted.  I didn't have time to prove that.  You can prove it yourself
with a simple test.  Just add a break point in
HtmlRendererUtils:decodeUISelectBoolean method.  Then start with the
debugger.  When you hit the breakpoint take a look at the param map
and see if the values for those checkboxes are being submitted.


> I don't think this is the problem now.
> What you described was a previous bug, but now the pannelTab decodes only
> the right components.
> So, the checkboxes from another tab aren't decoded & reset.
> Furthermore, if this were the case, the checkbox from tab 1 would reset too,
> and it doesn't.
> I'll try to include h:inputText in the dataTable to see if we have the same
> behaviour, or if it's related to the checkBox.
> Sylvain.
> On Fri, 2005-02-11 at 16:32 -0500, Sean Schofield wrote: 
> Sylvain,

I figured out your problem. Its a combination of the checkbox and
> the
panel tab together. The datatable is not the problem.

The default
> behavior for the checkbox is to *reset* the value of the
checkbox during the
> decode phase. (See
HtmlRendererUtils:decodeUISelectBoolean.) This makes
> sense because
HTML standard will not submit "false" values for unchecked
> checkboxes.
 So unless the checkbox is disabled, faces assumes that it
> is
unchecked and rechecks it every time its posted (as long as the value
> submitted as true.) IMO this is desirable (and I believe probably
part of
> the spec.)

As I mentioned your example works fine if you press the "common
> submit
button" on the tab (checkbox with true stays checked after the
> post.)
 The problem starts once you click on another tab. I didn't have
> time
to investigate the specifics but I think I have discovered the
> basic

You checkbox value does not get posted when you click on one
> of the
other tabs. Even if it does get posted, it is posted to a
> request
scope bean. Say you go from tab 3 to tab 1. On tab 1 your
> sample
checkboxes are not rendered so when you click back to tab 3, you
> are
*not* posting any values for them. Because the decode is resetting
> values, you end up with "false" for all of your checkboxes.

The other
> checkboxes are ok because they are common to all 3 tabs so
they constantly
> get posted.

That's the source of the problem. I will try and learn more
> about
panelTab so I can help with the fix but there are some
> complicated
choices to make. I suppose for now you could have the checkboxes
> be
hidden on the tabs where they shouldn't be displayed so that they
> are
common to all tabs.



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