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From Heath Borders <>
Subject Re: Update to forceId
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:25:37 GMT
Again, why don't you just associate an id with the component instance
and then do an equals check.  If its the same component, then it will
return true and there is no problem to report.

If you can only call getClientId() once per request, that will
obviously cause problems all over the place.

On Thu, 13 Jan 2005 12:53:50 -0500, Sean Schofield
<> wrote:
> OK I found out the problem with the <h:message> tag and the "for"
> attribute.  The porblem is that its calling the getClientId() method
> of HtmlTextInput *after* that method has already been callent by
> <h:inputText>.
> Since the initial call marks the "forced" id as in use, subsequent
> calls fail because the id is already in use.
> This is why I did not want to implement duplicate idea checking in the
> component.  I am planning on getting rid of this functionality
> alltogether until we can do it properly in the renderer.
> In addition to this problem, I can imagine there are other instances
> where getClientId() is called by other compoenents that will crash
> things in the same way.
> For now, I don't really care if the user is able to generate XHTML
> that violates the standard.  That is not the job of our JSF
> components.  It would be nice, but for now I plan to take out this
> check.  It will go slightly faster and more importantly, will stop
> causing problems.
> sean

-Heath Borders-Wing

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