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From BaTien Duong <>
Subject Re: "Use Cases" Example Webapp for the Shale proposal
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 15:59:49 GMT
Matthias Wessendorf wrote:

>I just tried the nightly build and it works fine
>with MyFaces.
>What must be done to run this app with MyFaces?
>a) remove jsf files from RI
>b) add jar files from MyFaces example
>   (not only myfaces.jar also others like commons-fileupload.jar)
>c) add MyFaces listener to web.xml
>  (and rename net.sf -> org.apache)
>I also removed the work directory inside of my tomcat.
>so now it is time to dig inside the sources
>for this app and Shale ;-)

Wow ;-) we are in an exiting time. Please try to see if the 
JspTilesViewHandlerImpl work properly with Shale as an application 
controller. I have not tried this but it is very important to know, 
especially for those who work with myfaces.



>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: Craig McClanahan [] 
>>Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 5:50 AM
>>To: Struts Developers List; MyFaces Development
>>Cc: MyFaces Discussion
>>Subject: "Use Cases" Example Webapp for the Shale proposal
>>(Cross posting because this topic has come up on all of the 
>>lists in the last couple weeks.)
>>I just committed into the Struts SVN repository a new example 
>>application (struts-shale-usecases) that illustrate's the 
>>different take that Shale has on how an application framework 
>>can be built around JSF, including support for "dialog scope" 
>>(longer than a request, but shorter than a session).  I've 
>>updated the Shale wiki page to contain pointers to the latest 
>>API documentation for both Shale and the example app:
>>and nightly builds of the example app will be available 
>>starting tonight (pointer is on the Wiki page above).
>>The commit message was over the max size allowed, so here's 
>>the descriptive text:
>>Initial commit of an example application for Shale, 
>>illustrating more interesting features than one sees with 
>>MailReader.  In particular:
>>* Use of application level "controller" features to filter out
>>  direct requests for JSP and JSPF (JSP fragment) resources, since
>>  they should only be accessed via *.faces URLs.
>>  See "src/web/WEB-INF/chain-config.xml" for configuration of
>>  this application's additions to the standard Shale processing chain.
>>* Use of DialogController for a sophisticated workflow with multiple
>>  entries and exits:  logon dialog for a portal-type site 
>>that supports
>>  creating new profiles (with or without an email confirmation), plus
>>  "remember me" cookies.
>>  See the javadocs for package "org.apache.shale.usecases.logon" for
>>  an overview of this functionality, plus an activity diagram 
>>  the state transitions.  (The diagram was produced with 
>>Poseidon for UML
>>  Community Edition, version 3.0, and the Poseidon project file is
>>  also checked in).
>>* Use of standard JSF facilities to support a language 
>>picker, based on
>>  the supported locales for the application.  (NOTE - at 
>>present switching
>>  languages does not appear to do anything, but that is because I only
>>  checked in the default (English) properties file -- if someone would
>>  like to translate 
>>  into other languages, I'd be happy to check it in.
>>  See "src/web/locale/select.jsp" for the JSP page that does this,
>>  and "src/java/org/apache/shale/usecases/locale/" for
>>  the corresponding backing bean.
>>* Use of <managed-property> elements to configure the properties of a
>>  newly created managed bean, using either literal values or 
>>  (essentially an example of IoC with setter injection).
>>  In this example, such properties are used to:
>>  - Configure the DAO object that is used by the business logic of
>>    the application, using
>>  - Configure the functionality of the DialogController instance,
>>    describing whether email confirmations and remember me cookies
>>    should be enabled or not.
>>  See "src/web/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml" for configuration of 
>>this feature.
>>* General purpose "domains" object (cached in application 
>>scope the first
>>  time it is accessed) to provide localized lists of 
>>SelectItem value/label
>>  pairs (these provide the content for dropdown lists etc.).
>>  See "src/java/org/apache/shale/usecases/util/"
>>The Javadocs for this application will be published soon, 
>>with a pointer on the Wiki, and nightly builds will commence 
>>this evening.

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