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From Sean Schofield <>
Subject Update to forceId
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 04:34:18 GMT
I updated the forceId attribute for HtmlInputText so now it works
inside of <h:dataTable>, etc.  The JIRA entry contains the new patch

If you have <h:inputText id=foo forceId="true"/> inside of a
<h:column> you will now get something like ...

<input id=foo[0] .../>
<input id=foo[1] .../>
<input id=foo[2] .../>

I haven't tried an example where I submit the values yet but there
shouldn't be any problem because the same clientId will be used on the
decode (although I will test it at some point.)

I will also continue to test more complicated scenarios with naming
containers (like tables within tables.)  Also, we should probably
update the forceId example on the web page to show one with tables as


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