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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: Two suggestions
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:00:25 GMT
In order not to be vote happy I'll just state my opinions :-)

I will work on getting java doc up to date.

> 1. Add the list to these 
> notifications: "Issue Created", "Issue Updated", "Issue Resolved" and 
> "Issue Commented"

I like this although i've been getting new bug submissions already.

> 2. Give permission "Create Issues", "Add Comments" and "Create 
> Attachments" to Group "Anyone" (Currently only logged in users are 
> able to submit issues as far as I understand it)

I prefer to know who submitted the bug so we can get back to them for 
follow up but I could live without that. The other thing to consider 
about opening it up is that we could get spam as bug reports 
potentially and I'd rather not have to go in and delete all the pleas 
from deposed dictator's family members. :-)

My $0.02 worth and not a single vote :-)



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