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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject RE: Incubator Status (was Re: [VOTE] RC2 MyFaces -1.0.8beta for testing)
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2005 10:01:39 GMT

> We mentioned applying for TLP in the proposal. So, if that's 
> what we still want, then yes. 
> Unless, of course, there is another TLP that you would like 
> to join instead. 
> Personally, I think the scope is broad enough to justify its 
> own project. 

Yes, think so too. So with a TLP, there is
enough room for subprojects like you guys to with Struts.

One candiate will be perhaps the WML RenderKit
and the extra components. (the TilesViewHandler one I'd like
to see inside of -Yes I saw your draft on

> > Ok, we have to *convert* the documentation etc into forrest xml
> > stuff, that should be added to
> Of course, you know that Forrest is not a *requirement*. You 
> can use anything you like. 
> I'm not sure about PHP though. We'd have to check with 
> infrastructure. There's an inclination to have the sites end 
> up as HTML, to minimize server load.

Since I got a basic knowledge of forrest and since it is
usable from ANT, I think forrest will be fine. Also the
current homepage is based upon forrest, so why not continue.

At weekend I will try to convert some docs from
to our page.

> I didn't mean that I added, only that, if it were me, I'd 
> make it a status "page" rather than a status "file". 
> You might just add a "Status" page to the Community tab. A 
> "Roadmap" page might do as well. What the checklist says is: 
> " (Committers, non-incubation action items, project resources, etc)"
> There are Incubator PMC members who do insist that projects 
> have a "status file", so we need to make sure this is handled somehow.

Ok, I try...

> > that looks very *generic* but why the mention of Struts inside of
> > ibatis?
> Oops, typo. 
> >> I need to lookup some historical dates for the Incubator status
> >> page, but we seem otherwise good to go.
> I slacked on the dates and just updated the page in 
> Subversion to say "DONE", but haven't published it yet. 
> As far as TODOs go, what's left are the "decision making guidelines".
> -Ted.

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