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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject RE: Providing component design-time meta data
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 09:54:15 GMT
I just read the proposal and think now it would
be interessting, to become a (common) community-based
standard on that.

Has anyone read the proposal too?
BTW. I guess by SUN there is a proposal,
that addresses this issue for Studio Creator too.
But I am not sure...

I thing it's important for authors of JSF componets
to see their components supported by *any* (or nearly all).

I remember to some questions on MyFaces user list,
"howto use MyFaces' components with Sun Creator"
So ok, if anybody is *supporting* this feature,
that's fine.

But then, there comes the next, "howto integrate
the MyFaces' extentions with IBM's JSF"?

A common standard on that would be a great deal.
Also the proposal says, that's the most of *Metadata*
for JSF components is included in TLDs for JSP Taglib,
but perhaps, on a long term, there are other usages
as JSP for JSF components. (see [1])

Sure, that's all disscussable, but why not
talking about that? Perhaps the existing
proposals could be merged, to become 
one standard, based on a disscussion
started by a growing community like
our ;-)

Just my 2 cents.



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonas Jacobi []
> Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2005 5:08 PM
> To:; 
>; Matthias Wessendorf
> Subject: Providing component design-time meta data
> Hi All,
> I have had an email exchange with Matthias about JSF, MyFaces and ADF
> Faces and what level of design time support faces component authors 
> would, or could, expect from tools vendors such as (in my 
> case) Oracle's 
> JDeveloper.
> A couple of months back we (the Oracle ADF Faces team) posted
> a proposal 
> for design-time metadata for JSF at the JSFCentral website 
> (
> Matthias thought it would be a good idea if I sent an email to this
> mailing list asking for feedback on the proposal.
> One of the concerns that we have is the lack of information
> provided by 
> the JSF spec that defines what syntax to use for associating 
> additional 
> metadata with faces components. This lack of information can 
> force tools 
> vendors to come up with their own syntax to support 
> additional metadata 
> for custom components, which would force component authors to have to 
> deal with different solutions for different IDEs.  If there is a 
> standard in this area, component authors would be able to provide 
> metadata in one format that will work in all tools, and the end user 
> will be in the ideal situation of being able to pick the tool 
> they want 
> to use independently from the component set that best meets 
> their needs.
> The goal would be to have a good and productive discussion about this
> topic/proposal and try to come up with a solution that all parties 
> involved (component authors, tools vendors etc...) could 
> agree upon, and 
> then put it in front of the EG as a proposal from the community to 
> enhance JSF. As one of the leading JSF organizations comments and 
> contributions from MyFaces to this proposal are greatly appreciated.
> Matthias please feel free to correct me if I interpret your email
> incorrectly.
> Best Regards,
> Jonas
> -------------------------------------------------
> Jonas Jacobi
> Oracle JDeveloper - JSF & ADF Faces
> Oracle Corporation, Redwood Shores
> 94065 California, US

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