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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject RE: Patch available for new forceId attribute
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 08:11:17 GMT
Hi Sean,

thanks for contributing to MyFaces.
I submitted your third patch.

Also I created a simple sample JSP
that shows the use of *forceId*

It is not mature, only using to
<inputText/> elements.
one like we know it from the standard (<h: .../>)
and one designed for MyFaces (<x:... forceId="true"/>)


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sean Schofield [] 
> Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2005 9:06 PM
> To: MyFaces Development
> Subject: Patch available for new forceId attribute
> Since the JIRA updates are not reflected in the dev or user 
> mailing list, I am posting here (I posted to the user list earlier)...

I submitted a patch to provide support for the new forceId attribute for
HtmlInputText (the myfaces extended version - not the implementation

Its still missing some stuff as noted in the documentation (the
guarantee of unique id's and support for stuff like UIData.)  That will
be coming shortly.

I wanted to see if folks agreed with the approach I was taking before
applying it to each of the components.  I basically added what was being
discussed on the list but its always good to see the actual code before
making up one's mind.

I will keep pushing on the two missing aspects mentioned above and will
submit a patch to address them shortly.  Then if everyone is in
agreement, I will apply them to all of the other extended components (or
at least to the ones where it makes sense to do so).

In a nutshell, you can now have the following code:

 <h:form id="fooForm">
   <h:inputText id="fooId" value="foo"/>
   <x:inputText id="barId" value="bar" forceId="true"/>  </h:form>

And it will produce the following HTML:

<form id="fooForm" name="fooForm" method="post" ...>
   <input id="fooForm:fooId" name="fooForm:fooId" type="text"
   <input id="barId" name="barId" type="text" value="bar"/>
   <input type="hidden" name="fooForm_SUBMIT" value="1"/> </form>

Notice the second input text is "forced" to use the specified id of
"barId" instead of the normal JSF version of "fooForm:barId".


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