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From Bill Dudney <>
Subject Re: 'normal' files and the JspTilesViewHandlerImpl
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 13:47:12 GMT
Hi Thomas,

Thanks, that worked like a champ.



On Nov 8, 2004, at 2:26 AM, Thomas Spiegl wrote:

> Hi Bill,
> i just fixed JspTilesViewHandlerImpl to meet your needs.
> If no isExtensionMapping is found for the request,
> the viewHanlder checks if viewId ends with
> default suffux (config-param javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX).
> If default_suffix is null ".jsp" will be used.
> If the check returns true, then tiles-support will be used.
> On false, the viewHanlder dispatches to viewId without
> manipulation to it.
> Does this work for you?
> HTH, thomas
>> Hi All & esp Thomas,
>> When playing around with the tiles view handler I've run into a
>> problem. I have css (resources/styles.css) files that are loaded by
>> some of my JSP's. When they are sent through the
>> JspTilesViewHandlerImpl the request gets turned into
>> resources/styles.tiles. Which of course can't be found. I'm using the
>> faces/* mapping. I've not tried the extension (*.jsf) mapping.
>> I've put in a solution to get the view handler to ignore certain file
>> extensions (the list is config driven in the web.xml file). This
>> approach works but I' not sure that I like it. I don't like forcing
>> another configuration. What do you think of by default only
>> transforming .jsp requests (or the extension defined in the extension
>> mapping) and then having a configuration option to transform any
>> others. Then the default would work for most cases and configuration
>> would only be required for the non-typical case.
>> I was also thinking of trying to find the mapping as is done now then
>> if that fails try the original request and see if it succeeds (which
>> might also have problems).
>> Anyway your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. I would also 
>> be
>> glad to post an issue if this is going to need tracking before it gets
>> resolved.
>> TTFN,
>> -bd-
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