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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: again on ResultDataSet
Date Wed, 03 Nov 2004 08:37:07 GMT
Hi Francesco, Hi all,
Yes, ResultSetDataModel is not yet implemented. It is not really
difficult to implement but my time is very limited at the moment. So, I
encourage you or any other interested developer to implement it. Could
be done in about 2-3 man hours, I think.
Francesco, thanks for your confidence and: you are just kidding about
the ASP.NET thing, arent' you ?!  ;-)


Francesco Consumi wrote:
> Scrive Mark Lowe <>:
>> Francesco
>> I think you'd need to read the result set into something you can
>> display as judging by the message myfaces ResultSetDataModel isn't
>> implemenated in myfaces yet..
>> That or use sun's implemenation which I imagine does. Myfaces
>> componants (at least the ones i've tried) work with sun's
>> implementation. But I imagine a list will should work just fine.
> Mark,
> thanks for the answer. I know that it works if I copy the ResultSet into 
> a list,
> but in that way the jsf technology is useless :-) .
> I can't write tons of code only in order to show a grid linked to a 
> dataset..
> :-), don't you think ?
> Now, I'm able to understand why the people chooses ASP.NET.. :-)
> I'm very grateful to those that are working hard writing MyFaces, but I 
> think
> the work is still a bit long........
> -- 
> Francesco Consumi

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