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From Manfred Geiler <>
Subject Re: Scripting Support commandButton
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 08:27:15 GMT
Thanks for your offer.
My personal opinion is, that it's better to NOT mix GUI design and 
business logic within a JSF. This is one of the most important issues 
that is adressed by the MVC (model view controller) pattern. The clear 
separation between model and view is a paradigm.
On the other hand, your component is of course a convenient thing during 
development. And some people might find it useful in production too. I 
understand that the MVC principles are not a dogma for everyone  ;-)

Unfortunately my time is very limited at the moment. Anyone willing to 
help Takashi make a complete MyFaces component out of his commandButton?


Takashi Okamoto wrote:
> Hi,
> I made improved commandButton which support scripting support with
> BSF(Apache Jakarta Bean Scription Framework). For example.
> [jsp]
> <%@ taglib prefix="nv" uri="" %>
> ..
> <nv:commandButton type="submit" action="&calc.rb" />
> [Ruby Script(WEB-INF/script/calc.rb]
> $bean.setResult($bean.getNumA()+$bean.getNumB())
> print $bean.getResult()
> "success";
> calc.rb is executed when commandButton is pressed. $bean is managed
> bean. Any managed beans are refered as global variables in
> script. This taglib supports JavaScript and Python and any other
> script language supported by BSF.
> This function makes extreme easily JSF development. You don't need
> recompile Java class to modify bussiness logic.
> I made this commandButton for Nirvana framework (
> However, if you think this is good idea, I would like to contribute
> my code for MyFaces.
> Here is demo application included sourcecode:
> This demo includes MyFaces and you can try it immediately:)
> greetings,
> Takashi Okamoto

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