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From David Le Strat <>
Subject [Patch] Added Tree Table Support to Existing Tree Component.
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 05:54:32 GMT

Also see for

Please find attached an enhancement to the MyFaces
tree.  The initial component provided by MyFaces
provides a great basic tree functionality but did not
provide the option to display table tree.  I extended
the HtmlTree component to provide for that support as
illustrated in the enclosed PDF.

I enclosed the following items:

1. A quick overview of the enhancements made to the
tree component.
2. A patch for the code in question developed against
the latest subversion trunk as of 11/16/2004 12:30AM
3. An image that is needed for the footer of the
extended component to be added to
webapps/examples/web/images, sw_med_rond.gif
4. The provided code implements an example integrated
with MyFaces example application.  I integrate the
treeTable.jsf page to the example navigation.

Looking forward to your feedback.


David Le Strat.

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