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From Takashi Okamoto <>
Subject Re: Scripting Support commandButton
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2004 15:51:32 GMT
From: Manfred Geiler <>
Subject: Re: Scripting Support commandButton
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 09:27:15 +0100
> My personal opinion is, that it's better to NOT mix GUI design and 
> business logic within a JSF.

Of course I thought:) Devleloper can execute another scripts from the
script is called by JSF. Nested scripts become model and the script
called by JSF become controller such as Struts Action Class.

> Unfortunately my time is very limited at the moment. Anyone willing to 
> help Takashi make a complete MyFaces component out of his
> commandButton?

Current demo is just prototype. I can refactor my taglib for
myfaces. At least changing license and package name, and adding cache
support should be done by me. If someone can commit them, I'll do it
before commit.

But I would like to ask one point. Where should I implement my
function? I have a two opinion:

(i)add bsf function into
     org.apache.myfaces.taglib.html.ext.HtmlCommandButtonTag and

(ii)create new component at  src/components/org/apache/myfaces/custom/bsf
    and Change tag class into:

(i) seems smart way. When BSF extension detect string which is
starting '&' like "&test.rb", action is recognized as script. If not,
it manners plain commandButton and commandLink. Detecting script takes
quite a few penalty and it's not influence performance. However
MyFaces HtmlCommandButtonTag break compatibility for JSF when
from-outcome value takes the string "&xxxx". x:commandButton and
x:commandLink are MyFaces specific features and I think (i) is not
become problem because developer can use plain h:commandXXXX if he keep
compatibility with JSF. (ii) doesn't break any compatibility. But two
tags will be added.

BTW, I contributed some bugs fix and Japanese localization already. If
I will become commiter with above contribute, I'm happy. I'm already
Debian Official Developer and contribute some Java projects. I'm also
developping Nirvana Framework which compile HTML into JSP 


Takashi Okamoto

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