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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Myfaces Wiki] Update of "MyFaces Commons Refactoring" by ManfredGeiler
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 13:05:43 GMT
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The following page has been changed by ManfredGeiler:

+ == Introduction ==
  On this page we collect important issues regarding the planned package refactoring of the
!MyFaces commons classes.
+ All classes from the commons module will be moved from their current org.apache.myfaces.*
namespace to org.apache.myfaces.commons.*
+ == Task 1: Group classes by usage focus ==
+ === Group "C": Classes of public interest (the real "commons" JSF classes) ===
+ They should remain in the commons module under the new org.apache.myfaces.commons.* namespace
+ Identified candidates so far:
+  * {{{context/ResponseWriterWrapper}}}
+  * {{{config/MyfacesConfig}}}
+ === Group "S": Classes only useful for the MyFaces implementation and/or Tomahawk (the MyFaces
"shared" classes) ===
+ They should be moved to a separate package (eg. org.apache.myfaces.commons.myfaces.*). Later
we can move them to a newly created !MyFaces module named "shared".
+ == Task 2: Seal off the public classes (ie. define the "Commons API") ==
+ All methods or fields in classes of Group "C" (see above) that are implementation specific,
should become private. If not possible, they should at least have a note in javadoc stating
that they might be subject of future change and that custom component developers should not
rely on that method/field.

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