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Subject cvs commit: incubator-myfaces/pm/board-reports 2005-04.txt
Date Tue, 12 Apr 2005 15:31:01 GMT
manolito    2005/04/12 08:31:01

  Added:       pm/board-reports 2005-04.txt
  board report 2005-04
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  incubator-myfaces/pm/board-reports/2005-04.txt
  Index: 2005-04.txt
  We have a strong community and the user list is frequently used: about
  10 new threads a day, 3 replies at an average, almost no thread with
  no reply at all.
  Our PMC consists of only me at the moment, but I would like see other
  committers in the MyFaces PMC as well. As I understand it, there are
  no special rules on how to include others (except for the 72 board ack
  think), right? Should we vote on that in public? Or is a two-thirds
  majority within the current PMC (i.e. me) enough?  ;-)
  I'm still owner of the domain and would like to point it
  to if there is nothing to be said against this. It
  expires in february 2006 and we could discuss later if it makes sense
  to renew.
  On the technical layer we are not yet completely finished with moving
  out of the Incubator. Main reason for this is our current discussion
  about the future project structure, which is not yet finished. FYI,
  MyFaces consists of some parts that need to be separated and
  rearranged: the JSR-127 API, the base JSF implementation, common
  classes, additional non-standard components and extensions, a sandbox
  (not yet)...
  Before there is no full agreement here, we do not want to bother
  infrastructure with things like CVS/SVN, mailing lists, jira, and so
  We are currently voting on rc3 of 1.0.9 beta. So in the next days we
  will publish our first official Apache TLP release "MyFaces 1.0.9
  (Current status of all our tasks are tracked at
  * Move website from to
  * Organize the nightly builds
  * Move documentation content from tikiwiki at
  to forrest XMLs
  * Point to and close
  tikiwiki site
  * Adapt our status on the Incubator Project Homepage
  * Adapt our status on the Homepage
  * Add a bylaw saying users should subscribe to mailing list(s) and
  not contact single persons for support
  * New mailing lists,,,
  * Make old mailing lists "deprecated" and organize some kind of
  automatic forward or auto-reply to point people to the new lists
  * Make decision about CVS vs. SVN
  * Move/rename repository from CVS incubator-myfaces to CVS/SVN
  myfaces (after everybody has committed his local changes)
  * Move/rename site docs (forrest) to new CVS/SVN module "myfaces-site"
  * Establish the new PMC (by voting?)
  * Split MyFaces into sub-projects: API, Main, Shared, Components, Sandbox(?)
  * Organize infrastructure and guidelines for official builds (release policy)
  * Customize our Wiki FrontPage

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