The Apache MyFaces PMC is pleased to announce a proposal (in cooperation with JBoss and CDISource) for a new Apache incubator project called "DeltaSpike".

The first goal of the DeltaSpike project is to create an unified base for portable CDI extensions like CODI, Seam3, etc.
Another goal is the true portability amongst different servers. A large set of regression tests will ensure the compatibility with various server environments like OpenWebBeans and Weld in combination with different servlet containers like Apache Tomcat as well as JavaEE servers like Apache TomEE, Glassfish, JBossAS, Resin, etc.

A lot of our concepts in CODI are very innovative and we plan to include them in DeltaSpike (depending on the discussions during the incubation phase).
One of the first CODI features DeltaSpike will implement is for example the possibility to 'deactivate' parts of the Extensions coming with a CDI-Extension library (ClassDeactivator).
This concept allows users to decide which parts they like to use from which extension library.

As soon as DeltaSpike is a stable TLP (Apache top level project), we plan to create CODI v2 which removes all parts of CODI v1 which are available in DeltaSpike and the rest will be ported to the API of DeltaSpike.
A lot of us already use CODI in several projects and therefore you can be sure that we will continue to improve CODI v1 and the migration to CODI v2 will be well documented and as easy as possible.
We will also coordinate our CODI v1 releases to ensure that DeltaSpike incubator releases and CODI will run smoothly inside the same project.

The initial DeltaSpike team consists of community members of several portable CDI extensions and all of you are very welcome to join the effort.

Kind regards,
The Apache MyFaces PMC