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From "Skalicky, Sam" <>
Subject Re: [Announce] Upcoming Apache MXNet (incubating) 1.8.0 release
Date Sun, 20 Sep 2020 18:00:24 GMT
Hi Marco,

We do not have an automated way to check. 


On 9/20/20, 3:54 AM, "Marco de Abreu" <> wrote:

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    Thanks Sam! Do we have an automated method to ensure all prs are present in
    the appropriate branches? Maybe compare the underlying commits of prs or
    the content.


    On Sun, Sep 20, 2020, 07:22 Skalicky, Sam <>

    > Hi MXNet Community,
    > As we move forward on the plan for v1.8 I wanted to update you on the
    > progress. Yesterday (Sept 18th) was the code/feature freeze and we cut the
    > v1.8.x branch today [1]. We will start testing the release branch. Heads
    > up, we’re planning to have the vote from Sept 26th – Oct 3rd [2], please
    > set aside some time to help evaluate the release candidate and vote. Ive
    > created a PR on v1.x to update the version to 1.9 [3] for those
    > knowledgeable on particular areas (website, examples, language bindings,
    > etc.) please review and point out any other files that need updated.
    > We have also noticed that a few PRs that were backported from master to
    > v1.7.x branch for the v1.7.0 release were not also backported to the v1.x
    > branch. So currently they are missing and wont be in the v1.8.0 release.
    > This is a problem for backwards compatibility, and will reintroduce any
    > bugs that were fixed in 1.7 back in 1.8. Here are a few we’ve found so far:
    > [4-7]. We would greatly appreciate the community’s help in finding and
    > backporting any missing PRs to the v1.x and now v1.8.x branches. If you
    > backported (or reviewed/approved/merged) a PR from master to v1.7.x please
    > double check that it was also backported to v1.x. If not, please reply to
    > this thread with the PR to let us know and help us backport these PRs.
    > Thanks!
    > Sam
    > [1]
    > [2]
    > [3]
    > [4]
    > [5]
    > [6]
    > [7]
    > From: "Skalicky, Sam" <>
    > Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at 9:56 AM
    > To: "" <>
    > Subject: [Announce] Upcoming Apache MXNet (incubating) 1.8.0 release
    > Hi MXNet Community,
    > Thanks to Ciyong and the Intel folks the 1.7.0 release of MXNet has
    > completed! We’ve been tracking the subsequent 1.8.0 release here [1] for a
    > couple months now. Our next milestone is feature/code freeze on September
    > 18th. If you are planning to include any other features into the release,
    > please let us know ASAP on the GitHub issue [1].
    > Thanks!
    > Sam
    > [1]

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