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From Leonard Lausen <>
Subject Re: Issue with releases / feedback from ASF board
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2020 03:29:59 GMT
Hi Justin,

Justin Mclean <> writes:
> It’s quite clear they should not be linked to from an Apache page
> like this as users will think these are Apache releases. Please remove
> them, after that bring it up on the incubator general list and we can
> discuss what needs to be done.

The status quo has been in place since a while. Do you think we have
time to first discuss the correct solution on the Incubator list, before
we delete the existing pages?

>> Also I notice you referred to the Github Release page. Github will automatically
>> provide a ZIP folder ("Source code (zip)") for the commit tagged as release.
>> PPMC has further uploaded the ASF .tar.gz, .tar.gz.asc and .tar.gz.sha512. Is
>> that what you mean with confusing mix of "Apache and non-Apache releases”?
> You need to mark anything that is not an Apache release very clearly
> and if that cannot be done them it needs to be removed.

I'm not sure what you mean. Note that Github automatically creates these
release pages based on the presence of git tags in the version control

I looked at a number of Apache projects and their Github Release pages.
By the very nature of how Github presents the release page, they all
contain links to download a source archive provided by Github. Different
to MXNet, these projects do not in addition provide the ASF source
archives on their Github release page, but only the Github source

- Apache Arrow:
- Apache Hadoop:
- Apache Maven:

Most closely, the Apache Beam project includes changelog in a similar
manner as MXNet and also tags RC releases on Github:

- Apache Beam

So is your recommendation here to take down the ASF source archives, ie.
the .tar.gz, .tar.gz.asz and .tar.gz.sha512 files and only keep the
basic Github functionality? This will make it harder for users to
discover the official ASF releases, but it's certainly something we can

Best regards

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