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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Issue with releases / feedback from ASF board
Date Sun, 24 May 2020 00:14:41 GMT

> - MXNet publishes only nightly pre-release builds to for the
> verification purpose for projects in the ecosystem and for developers who
> work on the bleeding edge.

IMO Something more needs to be done here, at the very least I would expect to se a very large
disclaimer that these are not releases for use of the general public and for internal development
use only and are not Apache Releases.  A google search brings up that page and it is incorrectly
titled "Apache MXNet Python Binary Distribution”. I see other download pages that just contain
links and no information to what the files are.

It also needs to be clear what a user is installed from this install page [1] which I assume
is using the above? The GitHub download page [2] is also confusing as it contains a mix of
Apache and non-Apache releases.

> - PyPI releases are not the act of this PPMC, but are from individuals
> acting as third-party for the convenience of the community.

Currently this page isn’t in line with Apache trademark policy.

> With my PPMC hat on, we will take the following actions:
> - We will try to take down problematic Maven releases immediately and
> discuss in the community how to proceed with future Maven releases.

Thanks for that.

> - We will introduce source releases on PyPI and Maven using apache-mxnet
> name to provide users with the option to have Apache distribution and allow
> users to compile CUDA/cuDNN code as an option.

I assume that mean you will two distribution on PyPI? Or is the intent to remove the other

> Finally, we appreciate any lesson other projects can share on licensing and
> distribution that involves CUDA code. Thanks.

I’m not aware of any other project that uses CUDU code.


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