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From "Lausen, Leonard" <>
Subject Re: Severe legal issues with releases on
Date Tue, 12 May 2020 19:07:54 GMT
On Mon, 2020-05-11 at 13:56 -0400, Carin Meier wrote:
> Does removing the jars from both of these solutions also remove them from
> maven central?

Does Maven Central automatically mirror jars from Or were
these jars uploaded there manually?

> > 1) Ask the Infra team to delete all MXNet releases on
> >
> > 2) Ask the Infra team to delete all MXNet GPU releases on
> >
> > and provide replacement releases without and other
> > potentially
> > Category-X files (I found in one of the JARs..)
> If so, either of these options has potential to cause major disruption for
> users that depend on using them in production. If either of these actions
> are deemed necessary, we should strive to provide communication to end
> users and a solution for a process of how to replace them.

Do you have any recommendation for the replacement plan? Would users be fine
with releases not including Thus the releases will only work on
machines that come with preinstalled. Or can we just ask them to
build from source? I don't think anyone has volunteered yet to handle fixing the
old JVM releases, so the current requirement may be to ask JVM users to build
from source.

Best regards
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