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From "Davydenko, Denis" <>
Subject Re: Update on upcoming changes to the MXNet CI: Jenkins
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2020 19:35:41 GMT
We intend this bot to be very simplistic initially. But your idea is very interesting and we
will consider if we can roll this out as phase 2.

On 2/12/20, 10:57 AM, "PrzemysÅ≠aw TrÄ˙dak" <> wrote:

    Hi Denis,
    Could this bot be smart enough to first do the sanity pipeline (to catch stuff like lint
errors etc.) before launching the full thing?
    On 2020/02/12 18:12:07, "Davydenko, Denis" <> wrote:

    > Hello, MXNet dev community,
    > As you all know, the experience with CI infrastructure isn’t ideal in spite of
its high cost. For this reason, we’re proposing the following changes to improve stability,
reduce cost, and grant more control to contributors. As we work in a refresh of CI, we believe
these changes will reduce the pain we all suffer when we try to push a PR through the system.
    > Following is the list of changes:
    > Fix missing status reports between GH and Jenkins
    > Update Jenkins permission groups to re-trigger builds
    > Introduce per-PR CI bot
    > Details:
    > - Fix missing status reports
    > Currently, once commit gets added to PR - the CI is run on that added commit. Sometimes,
CI run status is missing from the commit in Github despite having completed in Jenkins. Example:
CI run:,
commit status in github (missing unix-cpu, unix-gpu and windows-gpu statuses):
    > Problem: There seems to be a bug where some status reports are missing on Github.
The hypothesis is that there is some issue with Github Hooks.
    > - Update Jenkins permission groups to re-trigger builds
    > Problem: Currently, only MXNet Committers and selected people from AWS have the ability
to re-trigger CI runs on PRs. This leaves the PR Authors waiting for authorized users to re-trigger
their PRs for them.
    > Solution : Allow these membership categories Jenkins Admins, MXNet Committers, and
PR Authors to re-trigger PR builds.
    > - Introduce per-PR CI bot
    > Problem: As of date, MXNet CI is automated. It runs every time a commit is pushed
onto your Github PR. This results in lot of unnecessary CI runs apart from added costs.
    > Solution: Switch to Manual Trigger. Users from authorized groups (1 of the 3 categories
mentioned above) can trigger CI run by adding a simple comment to PR: “[mxnet-ci] run”.

    > --
    > Thank you,
    > AWS MXNet team

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