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From "Joshua Z. Zhang" <>
Subject [apache/incubator-mxnet] [mxnet 2.0][item 4.8][RFC] Gluon Data API Extension and Fixes(Part 1) (#17263)
Date Thu, 09 Jan 2020 22:12:58 GMT
## Description

This is the part 1 of Gluon Data API extension and fixes, which mainly focus on cleaning up
diverging usage of mxnet module/gluon.
Through long time evolution, there's currently two streams of data loading conventions implemented
in mxnet
- Iterator:
- Dataset + DataLoader: +

In order to eliminate the confusion here and to reduce the maintenance efforts, the plan is
to drop all old iterators and provide similar Dataset + Dataloader experience in gluon data
## Things to be removed

### iterators
- Base
- mxnet.image.ImageIter(
- mxnet.image.ImageDetIter(

### Augmenters from mxnet.image and mxnet.image.detection module

Random augmenters, e.g. (
will be removed.

### Transform = args in

transform = is no longer supported, and can be replaced with `dataset.transform` or `dataset.transform_first`

## Things to be added

### Gluon Data Datasets

Dataset + Transfrom combo that simulate the removed Iterators

For example, NDArrayIter can be reimplemented as NDArrayDataset + empty transform function.

### Gluon Data Augmentaters/Transforms

Data augmenters as mxnet.gluon.Block

Candidates TBD, useful candidates from GluonCV(
and GluonNLP(

### mxnet.image

image processing functions will be absorbed from GluonCV(

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