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From "Lausen, Leonard" <>
Subject MXNet 1.6 as last release with Python 2 support?
Date Fri, 17 Jan 2020 17:36:59 GMT
Dear MXNet community,

as effective January 1, 2020, no new bug reports, fixes, or changes will be made
to Python 2, and as MXNet 1.6 will be released after January 1, 2020, I suggest
to announce in the MXNet 1.6 release notes that MXNet 1.6 is the last release
supporting Python 2.

We have previously reached consensus on announcing that Python 2 is dropped in
the next major release (ie. MXNet 2), however, given the delay in 1.6 release,
the plan to release 1.7 in the future and that Python 2 is dead already I think
we can revisit this assumption.

Advantages are
- Time savings for developers, as Python 3 standard library contains more
  features than Python 2, and it is more efficient to target only 1 language 
  (Python 3) instead of 2 languages (Python 2 & 3)
- Simplification and cost savings for CI

I thus suggest 72h lazy consensus for announcing dropping of Python 2 as
described above. If you disagree, please veto (send "-1") and we can continue
supporting Python 2 in all 1.x releases as per previous consensus. Note that at
the time of previous consensus, no 1.7 release was planned.

Best regards
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