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From "Lausen, Leonard" <>
Subject Re: windows ci, Cmake update, diverging scripts
Date Mon, 30 Dec 2019 21:44:18 GMT
Some more background:

Since a few days, CI downloads and installs a more recent cmake version in the
Windows job based on

This ad-hoc download and installation is not ideal and in fact a workaround
until the base Windows AMI used by the CI server is updated. The script
generating the base Windows AMI is tracked at and Shiwen Hu recently updated the
script to include the updated cmake version:

It seems that this change needs to be deployed manually, which Pedro is
attempting to do. But if I understand correctly Pedro found the public version
of the AMI generation script and some currently used script diverged:

1) Is there a git history associated with the version of the script that

2) According to
the Windows Base AMI should be created automatically. Why is it not done
automatically anymore / why does the documentation claim it happens
automatically but it doesn't?

On Mon, 2019-12-30 at 12:11 -0800, Pedro Larroy wrote:
> Hi
> I was looking at a request from Leonard for updating CMake on windows, and
> I see that the script which setups the windows environment
> in CI has diverged significantly from the incubator-mxnet-ci and the
> private repository that is used to deploy to production CI.
> I see quite some patch of differences, there's also different directory
> structure which Marco committed to incubator-mxnet-ci  and MKL seems to be
> removed. My question why has this diverged so much, I was expecting to
> transplant just a single patch to update CMake.
> Pedro.
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