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From Przemysław Trędak <>
Subject MXNet 1.6.0 release
Date Fri, 11 Oct 2019 00:00:34 GMT
Hi MXNet Community,

As the 1.5.1 patch release is done (many thanks Tao!), it is time to prepare for the next
minor release of MXNet - 1.6.0.

I (ptrendx@github / ptredak@mxnet Slack) would like to manage the release of 1.6.0. As it
will be the first time for me to manage a release, Sam (samskalicky) and Lin (apeforest) agreed
to help guiding me through the process.

Thanks to Sheng there is a GitHub issue[1] listing major features that should go into the
1.6.0, please add any features that you want included there.

That said, as we target November for the release, to accommodate for extensive testing and
bugfixing, the code freeze date is set to October 24th 23:59PST. Please reach out to me as
soon as possible if you feel that you will need an extension of that deadline for your feature.

Sheng created a page on cwiki[2] about the release, I will populate it with the information
and tracked issues and PRs.

Thank you and let's make the great 1.6.0 release together!


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