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From Aaron Markham <>
Subject demise of domain & new Julia docs hosting
Date Thu, 04 Jul 2019 04:12:36 GMT
Hi dev@,
In case you missed the issues with the domain, it was let go
or sniped and now goes to a malware site. [1] Several assets like
models and the Julia documentation were hosted there.

I made some progress getting the Julia docs generated as part of the
regular website build flow. [2] It'll work as long as you have Julia
installed and configured with MXNet. I don't imagine you can use it to
build the website natively on your mac or windows box at this point
because all of the CI and related instructions appear to be only for
Ubuntu. That being said, I added an option to so you can
build the Julia docs with docker on whatever host you're on.

I tried to bring in the markdown files and have the website theme
applied to them. Many things were then broken - in large part due to
some bugs in the website code related to post processing and injection
of dom elements. This would require a rewrite of the Julia docs to
workaround the existing website bugs. Rather than do this, I just took
the Julia site output, which has its own look and feel and nested in
Julia's API directory. This is much like how the scala docs and the
java docs are - using their own look and feel as a micro-site. I feel
that this is the better approach for now.

The PR for the Julia docs is here:

Ivy and I created several new issues to cover the broken links that
will need fixing. Models that need to be recovered or recreated and
uploaded to a new location. I have an s3 bucket that I've been using
for some public assets like this, but I can't make progress on fixing
those links when the models just don't exist. And I don't have the
bandwidth to regenerate the model zoo and validate the models.

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
Happy 4th of July!


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