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From Pedro Larroy <>
Subject [VOTE] Remove conflicting OpenMP from CMake builds
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 23:59:33 GMT
Hi all

This is a 5-day vote to act and wrap up an outstanding PR that removes
linkage with multiple OpenMP from 3rdparty and uses the system
provided one which might resolve a number of difficult to debug issues
and possible undefined behaviour.

See the comments in the thread for more details but in short, linking
with multiple openmp versions seems to lead to undefined behaviour,
plus it would simplify not having to deal with a custom openmp version
and rely on the platform provided one.

This is expected to simplify builds and address a number of problems.
Seems it doesn't cause any performance degradation, (the Gluon tests
run almost 4x faster in my 64 core machine).

There has been in depth study of performance implications by
contributors like Stanislav Tsukrov and Anton Chernov.  All the
concerns and comments from the reviewers have been addressed and we
can't keep asking open ended questions to block PRs. Reviewers are
expected to be proactive and responsive to contributors so we keep
encouraging active contributors.

please vote to merge this PR accordingly:

+1 = approve
+0 = no opinion
-1 = disapprove (provide reason)

If we observe regressions reported by any internal performance systems
or by contributors the PR can be reverted easily. So it's not a one
way door. But it will be useful to try this in master for a while.

Thank you.


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