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From Sheng Zha <>
Subject Re: warnings as errors
Date Tue, 21 May 2019 22:49:12 GMT
It would be great to enforce the check for warnings and treat as errors. Some questions I have:
- what are the warnings that you think should be ignored?
- for the rest of the warning types, can we turn them on one by one?


On 2019/05/21 22:33:51, Pedro Larroy <> wrote: 
> Hi dev@
> I try to fix any warning that I see during compilation of MXNet in my
> platform and with the build toggles that I care about. These seemingly
> trivial and ungrateful efforts, take nonetheless energy on the
> contributor side.
> I think overall I submitted myself more than a dozen of PRs fixing
> warnings and I would like to call for additional help and
> contributions in this area.
> There was a question from Lin about discussing this on the mailing
> list, I have the feeling that everybody agrees on moving towards zero
> warnings and warnings as errors. I think there are unavoidable
> warnings that can be disabled specifically such as the one triggered
> by mshadow type switch.
> Some important missing warnings such as warning on missing return
> values (ie. forgetting to return on a function returning non-void)
> cause bugs, danger and additional time spent bugfixing, which can be
> better spent somewhere else.
> Is there a process that we can figure out such as a more expedited
> merges of PRs fixing warnings or a specific label?
> Some simple PRs that fixes a warning can take long to merge, and
> sometimes trigger too much discussion and make the progress a bit
> unfriendly to contributors.
> Any help or constructive ideas on this topic would be appreciated.
> Pedro.

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