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From Isabel Drost-Fromm <>
Subject Help with understanding docs
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 19:13:15 GMT

I had a bit of time recently to walk through some of the getting started docs. First time
setup of mxnet is really well described and worked seamlessly.

Next step was going through some getting started examples - the straight dope docs linked
from the mxnet setup page were useful for that.

There are a couple questions though that were confusing to me:

The docs are called Gluon Straight Dope, but hosted under: 

Doing a whois without any further deep checking for the entry revealed a German
GmbH as owner? 

That caught my curiosity so I dug a little deeper: 

The site seems to also host what looks like mxnet models, directing users towards
for more information (

It also seems to host the mxnet user discuss forum: Http://

As well as a mxnet blog in Chinese: Http://

And the docs for another project:

Now I'm left puzzled as to what of the content on the site is specific to mxnet, how much
of the content is vital to the project (after all mxnet docs link to it very prominently)
and how much influence the Apache mxnet PMC has on these resources.

On first sight it looks like a leftover that hasn't made the migration to asf infra yet, but
I couldn't find a ticket related to that, so not sure if that guess is accurate. I'd appreciate
someone explain the story and resolve my confusion.


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