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From Marco de Abreu <>
Subject Re: Squash/Merge PRs
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2018 07:35:59 GMT
Hi Naveen,

I'm in favour of the squashing, considering the number of commits in some
PRs and especially because of some people making commit messages a la "fix"
"fix" "fix" all the time. Additionally, it gets hard (not impossible, just
more inconvenient) to determine the atomic states of master - aka, which
commits are separate from each other. You should consider that intermediary
commits are unstable (fail CI) and thus it could be very hard to bisect
failures in future - and the commit history gets cluttered.

As alternative, I'd like to suggest the co-author field for these cases.
Further documentation is available at

I definitely agree with the second part. We should all lead by example and
maintain a high quality by keeping our commit messages clean and
meaningful. When I receive an email notification that a new commit has been
added and it only contains "fix" as title, it's not that helpful and also
it's hard to track the development of a PR overtime. E.g., why has
something been changed? Was there maybe a bug that we didn't cover with
tests but the author just hacked something to get it to work but the
problem still lays somewhere? We won't know that way and it makes it harder
for us to review.

Best regards,

Naveen Swamy <> schrieb am Do., 12. Juli 2018, 10:09:

> Hi All,
> I am seeing that maintainers merge PRs into the repo, they are squashing
> the commits in the PR, which I understand and agree is to keep a sane
> commit history, however this is causing problem when there are multiple
> contributors involved on a PR(by contributing to a fork of the repo) this
> effectively removes credit for multiple contributors involved and shows all
> code as authored by the contributor who created the PR.
> Can I request maintainers to not squash PRs if there are multiple
> contributors involved on the PR.
> Also on the same note, I request contributors(regardless of multiple
> contributors or not) to keep a clean commit history by squashing the
> commits and not push all your WIP commits to the PR. this will help us keep
> our commit history clean and meaningful.
> Let me know your thoughts/better approach or If I have misunderstood how
> this works.
> Thanks, Naveen

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