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From Leonard Lausen <>
Subject How should MXNet treat nan values?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2018 22:19:46 GMT
Hello MXNet community,

It seems that there is currently no agreed upon principle to handle
`nan` values in operators. This has led to inconsistencies between
operators and also to inconsistency over releases. Some operators ignore
nan values (eg. argmax), others treated it as maximum (e.g. topk up to
mxnet v1.2) or just return “undefined” output (e.g. topk starting with
mxnet v1.3).
Initially the change in topk was reported as a bug
( as some users
relied on the behavior. However (and rightfully) @asmushetzel, who
contributed the improved topk operator for mxnet v1.3 pointed out that
the change did not break any documented behavior.
To go forward, please share your opinion how MXNet should handle `nan`
values. Should we continue to treat the behavior as undefined and
possibly silently changing between releases? Should we define a
reasonable standard (e.g. follow numpy) and treat operators that deviate
as buggy? Should we just document how operators behave currently and
warn if the behavior changes? Something else?
Please make your opinion known so above issue can be resolved/closed and
general guidelines can be defined for future contributions, following
whatever consensus emerges.

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