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From "Markham, Aaron" <>
Subject Re: MXNet developer setup on Mac with VSCode for develop, test and debug
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 18:43:32 GMT
This is tangential, but Lin, I noticed during the RC1 tests you said you tried it out on Windows
and it worked for you. I'd like to get VS2017 or VS Code working, take Sandeep's setup content
and possibly your Windows experience, and improve the MXNet Windows setup guide. I've tried
it and failed. Multiple times. I also tried the MKLDNN instructions and failed. I tried the
setup tools batch file and was hit with a lot of dependency errors. Some of the problem isn't
in the MXNet docs, but in the dependencies' documentation, but I'm left to go figure that
out on my own. Anyway, any help you can provide here would be great. Also, if any of you reading
this has a sort of checklist or guide for Windows, I'd love to see it.

BTW, I'm using Windows 10 with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980, and was trying to use VS2017 Community
Edition and MKL. I went to MKL after OpenBLAS wasn't installing/building.

´╗┐On 7/18/18, 10:59 AM, "Lin Yuan" <> wrote:

    Thanks for the well-written document! As a new MXNet developer, I have
    found it very helpful.
    On Wed, Jul 18, 2018 at 10:50 AM sandeep krishnamurthy <>
    > Hello Community,
    > As a MXNet contributor, I had issues and took me some time on getting
    > hands-on with MXNet codebase, being able to code, test, DEBUG python/CPP
    > combination. I have documented the steps for MXNet development setup using
    > VSCode on Mac. Document starts from installing all required
    > tools/packages/IDEs/extensions and then provides steps for debugging mix of
    > Python/CPP code, which is most likely the case for any MXNet developer, all
    > in single IDE window. By end of this document, anyone should be able to
    > walk through the MXNet code, debug and be able to make first code change.
    > Please feel free to add comments, make changes as necessary.
    > Best,
    > Sandeep

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