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From Chris Olivier <>
Subject Re: Vote to stop using JIRA
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2018 03:14:10 GMT
-1 (binding)

Even though the community voted to use JIRA, there is a substantial group of people who have
not adopted JIRA and continue using github in earnest as a project management tool.  Probably
we should turn off github issues as a forcing function, although it was left on to help the
transition (rather than to help to ignore JIRA altogether, which was what happenned).

Calling JIRA antiquated and featureless is curious, since as far as I have seen, it is a far
more sophisticated and feature-rich project management tool in almost every way to github.
 I would like to see some sort of feature comparison to substantiate this claim that github
is more feature-rich and Jira is "featureless".  This statement makes me suspect that the
claimant has simply never used it.

We have outsiders/new users in this thread who prefer it, which I think is worth 1000 Amazon
votes each, and we should listen.

If we want to win over other Apache contributors, then JIRA is a step towards that.  It's
there along with other projects, getting visibiity and will hopefully peak interest.  There's
a lot of Apache devlopers and we could use some of them on mxnt.  

One thing I can say for for sure is that mxnet adoption is currently abysmal, so something
needs to change (obviously).  I am reminded of Einstein's famous quote: "Insanity is doing
the same thing over and over and expecting different results".


On 2018/06/08 17:27:13, Eric Xie <> wrote: 
> Hi,
> Since all of MXNet's development happens on Github, I think it's sufficient to use Github
Issues and Github Projects for tracking. There are also many other plugins you can add to
Github if issues and projects are not enough.
> It's very easy to cross reference PRs and issues for tracking. In comparison, JIRA is
an outdated system with very little features and no integration with Github. I think using
it achieves nothing but additional overhead.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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