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From Yasser Zamani <>
Subject Re: Vote to stop using JIRA
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2018 10:31:27 GMT

On 6/10/2018 4:53 AM, Marco de Abreu wrote:
> Thanks a lot, this sounds like a good start. We definitely do not want to
> re-invent the wheel - if there's some setup we can copy, I'd love to do
> that as well!
> Something we need is the possibility to have projects with subtasks and the
> ability for any contributor (not committer) to contribute to these
> projects. This could be adding tasks, changing the state of a task, maybe
> even labelling and other things you usually do if you work on systems like
> a Kanban-board. We want to give contributors the possibility to manage a
> project entirely on their own without much involvement of committers.

I researched Apache Incubator Projects to find most similar project to
MXNet and found weex [1] which has these similar properties:

Several expertise: Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, C++, Objective-C++.
High revolutionary commits and issues: [2] [3].
High number of concurrent contributors: [2] ( ~ 1/4 MXNet).

Although it isn't as hard to manage as MXNet but I found these very
helpful and good things there:

- They have been disabled GitHub issues but use Pull Request with JIRA.
- They have contribution protocols [4] (e.g. how PR JIRA connection).
- They have defined How to Contribute [5] Bug Report Guidelines [6] and
Development Process [7].

Additionally, with a lot of thanks to your keyword "Kanban-board", I
found following hopeful amazing things about JIRA:

* Learn kanban with Jira software [8].
* Learn how to create agile boards in Jira Software [9].
* JIRA: Monitoring work in a Kanban project [10].
* What is kanban? [11].

I'm new to these and MXNet and firstly I was planned to have code
contributions, but now, it will be my honor and motivation if you @dev
have time to let me research these and come back with good setup and
docs in a timely manner. Or we can also ask in @dev if anyone has such
experiences and can bring us such setup and docs customized to MXNet.

Warm Regards.

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