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From "Barber, Christopher" <>
Subject Re: users@mxnet
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2018 18:47:54 GMT
Whatever you do, make sure to list all these information sources in one easy-to-find place.
For instance, it may not be very obvious to anyone that they can read the dev mailing list
on It is bad if users aren't even aware that other channels exist.

´╗┐On 6/18/18, 2:45 PM, "Yasser Zamani" < on behalf of>

    On 6/18/2018 9:18 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:
    > IMO, that is the wrong way to look at it.
    > A users@ mailing list is a great, easy, low-cost and low-overhead way of *increasing*
the user community and providing an extra level of support. Unless there is "strong evidence"
that this is NOT the case, I would recommend we create the list.
    As an already Apache Committer of Struts, I also prefer mail list like Jim.
    I fell in love with MXNet and I'm still learning hard to being able to
    have contributions one day. It was somehow hard for me to also register
    and daily monitor another system (your user forum). My feel was same as
    your current feel about a new mail list, but, I remembered one rule in
    Apache Way: "At Apache, deciders are who do the work". And as I didn't
    have any contribution till that time, then I thought I must respect your
    decision, so I registered there!
    However, I personally still recommend sticking together with Apache
    INFRA under Apache Way umbrella as much as possible. I think these help
    us to standardize things, understanding each other better and finally
    get a graduation from Apache Incubator. Anyway, finally, you who have
    done or do the work, are deciders :)
    Best Regards.

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