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From "Lane, Thom" <>
Subject Re: home page highlights section updates
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2018 16:47:05 GMT
Cheers Aaron. My vote would be for something more like Wireframe 2.

Would be great if we could add thumbnail images to these too, to draw more attention and also
make the boxes a little less empty.

As Sandeep already mentioned, connecting to our Medium/Twitter/YouTube streams would be a
great way to get fresh content on the website, but we'd probably want an extra category for
this. One possibility is;

1) News/Announcements (new versions, apis, toolkits, etc)
2) Social (mostly Twitter, since we tweet about our Medium posts and YouTube videos)
3) Tutorials and Examples (combined)

´╗┐On 6/1/18, 2:58 PM, "Aaron Markham" <> wrote:

    Hi everyone, happy Friday,
    I've mocked up a couple of modifications for the highlights on the home
    The goal is to expose more news, more tutorials, and other interesting
    things people have been working on. If you've contributed something
    interesting and want to highlight it, you should be able to suggest an
    update to the page.
    It would be great to have variety and fresh content on the site.
    Here are a couple of ideas with screenshots that shouldn't be to hard to
    You can reply with feedback here or make comments on the wiki! What are
    your thoughts on:
    1) getting fresh content on the site
    2) highlighting contributors and their contributions
    3) flow on changes and what kind of approvals are expected for swapping out
    4) UX ideas that are not too challenging to implement or maintain and work
    well with mobile

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