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From YiZhi Liu <>
Subject Re: The New Scala API
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2018 04:09:40 GMT
I personally like the design here. Since we have seen technical
difficulties of compatibility, I would like to ask people pay
attention to the 'How to combine with existing APIs' section:

Qing proposed three options,

1. Add a new Class/Object called "NewSymbol/NDArray" with full implementation.
2. Create a new Class and change the name space for all of the
functions (e.g Activation -> NewActivation) and let Symbol/NDArray
extends that.
3. Create a new Class and override the Same functions with different

If we have to choose from option 1 and 2, I would like to +0.5 for
option 2, with which users can quickly aware of the new easy-to-use
API: they type 'Symbol.' in IDE as usual and these functions pop up.

2018-04-19 10:58 GMT-07:00 Qing Lan <>:
> Hi All,
> I am Qing, one of the Scala API maintainer for MXNet. I would like to propose a new design
on Scala APIs, it will be really helpful for user to use MXNet Symbol/NDArray. This is a follow-up
from Naveen’s proposal.
> Background:
> The current design on Scala would take arguments as key-value pair and didn’t provide
the type information for different arguments. There are document missing for different functions
which makes it even hard to use.
> Our approach:
> We will provide a better designed Scala API for user to use with full documentation and
arguments definition. All arguments will be specifically targeted to different functions.
Please see one example that we show in the Wiki<>
and leave any thoughts you may have. This wiki includes examples, targets and scenarios we
have so far.
> Thanks,
> Qing

Yizhi Liu
DMLC member
Amazon Web Services
Vancouver, Canada

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