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From Iblis Lin <>
Subject RFC: Proposal for merging Julia binding (MXNet.jl) into main repo
Date Wed, 28 Feb 2018 06:53:58 GMT

Original discussion is here:

The state quo: Julia binding is hosted in a separated repo
Julia binding has its own documentation hosting[2] and release cycle[3].

The problem: We ran into libmxnet internal changes breaking our testing
again and again
[4-7]. Julia binding isn't in the libmxnet CI validation chain.

@marcoabreu proposes that merging the Julia binding source code and
development into the
main repo `apache/incubator-mxnet`; add Julia test cases into the CI chain.
Additionally, make the `dmlc/MXNet.jl` as a mirror repo, in order to fit
with Julia's package
manger [10].

About the reason of hosting Julia code in another repo at the moment,
Please see [8].

There are still several issues need to be discussed for this goal [11]:
-How to |`git tag`| a new release?
  Julia binding can have different version and release cycle.
    - @vchuravy proposes that doing a |`git subtree|` import of MXNet.jl
      `|incubator-mxnet/julia`| [9].

- Document hosting:
  I have no idea about any detail of Sphinx at all.
  Julia's doc system is |Documenter.jl|, which launches Julia compiler,
  collects docstring from package and render the static html as output.
  If Sphinx can accept some extra html files from external source,
  I guess most of work is done.

- Committer bit: There are 3 developers own the committer bit of MXNet.jl.
  @pluskid, @vchuravy and me. Will this be able to migrate as well?

  - Quote @marcoabreu's words from [12]:
    > I have to check back, but since you three are putting a lot of
time and
    > effort into supporting MXNet, I don't see many issues there.
    > I'm unfamiliar with the Apache process if two projects get merged,
    > but I'm sure we will find a solution.

Please comment.



Iblis Lin

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