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From Pedro Larroy <>
Subject Re: 3rdparty packages as submodules
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2017 01:54:39 GMT
We could also add gtest as well for example.

I would like to point out that is quite cumbersome to get your code
tested and ready before sending a PR, this includes installing
cpplint, pylint, gtestā€¦

Installing gtest and bootstrapping it is not completely trivial.

Kind regards.

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 11:23 AM, Eric Xie <> wrote:
> I'm fine with a 3rdparty folder. Not sure about apache legal.
> On 2017-11-17 10:25, Chris Olivier <> wrote:
>> All,
>> I often find it desirable to have a method for 3rdparty packages to be
>> included (possibly optionally) in a 3rdparty directory.   We do this with
>> 'cub' to some degree, but it's in the root and is actually a fork in the
>> dmlc repository.  Some samples of what might go in there:
>> 1) Intel OpenMP (llvm-openmp) -- In order to use Intel OMP by default
>> 2) gperftools -- In order to build statically with -fPIC, which isn't the
>> case with the general distribution
>> 3) mkl-dnn -- In order to build and have debug information available for
>> mkl-dnn (and possibly submit bugfixes)
>> What do you all think?
>> -Chris

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