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From Dick Carter <>
Subject Re: Improving and rationalizing unit tests
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2017 04:21:42 GMT
This thread is very timely, as it relates to issues I've been trying to 
solve with my coding of the last week.  I think it simplest just to 
present the code (and detailed PR description) as the clearest form of 
my thinking.  Happy to discuss further.  Please see:

On 2017-10-16 05:56, Pedro Larroy <> wrote:
 > Hi>
 > Some of the unit tests are extremely costly in terms of memory and 
 > As an example in the gluon tests we are loading all the datasets.>
 > test_gluon_data.test_datasets>
 > Also running huge networks like resnets in test_gluon_model_zoo.>
 > This is ridiculously slow, and straight impossible on some embedded />
 > memory constrained devices, and anyway is making tests run for longer 
 > needed.>
 > Unit tests should be small, self contained, if possible pure 
(avoiding this>
 > kind of dataset IO if possible).>
 > I think it would be better to split them in real unit tests and 
 > integration test suites that do more intensive computation. This 
would also>
 > help with the feedback time with PRs and CI infrastructure.>
 > Thoughts?>
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