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From "Lupesko, Hagay" <>
Subject Re: Integrating a forum with the mailing lists for better usability
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2017 22:40:17 GMT

I think that a dedicated forum would be nice. PyTorch have a nice one:
For now, questions, issues and feedback are pumped into GitHub issues which is not a good
vehicle for questions specifically. BTW some questions now go into StackOverflow as well…

On 9/14/17, 23:17, "Seb Kiureghian" <> wrote:

    Hi dev@,
    I am glad to see more open discussion on the dev@ and user@ mailing lists.
    However, I also want to make sure that our website visitors can view, ask,
    or respond to questions from the community, in a user-friendly manner. I
    suspect that by relying only on mailing lists, we are losing engagement
    from users who don't like email and prefer other mediums, such as a Discourse
    forum <>. Other open source projects that have
    seen a recent sharp rise in popularity provide forums that see a ton of
    engagement, and provide user-friendly search and personalization tools that
    benefit users.
    Henri, John and community - what are your thoughts on setting up a forum on
    the Apache MXNet site and integrating it with the mailing lists, so that
    every forum post triggers an email and vice versa? Everything gets
    documented as usual, but we boost engagement and reach of our content.

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