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From Dom Divakaruni <>
Subject Re: open issues
Date Thu, 31 Aug 2017 13:33:36 GMT
Agree! The first step need to be to comb thru these and assign a tag. A hurdle with this is
that, non committers, like myself don't have the ability to assign tags. 

Does anyone have a solution to get around that? Temporary roles, or task based credentials

As we solve that, we can propose a definition for tags - "outdated", "bug-needs investigation"
and "FAQ" make sense as tags - and specific instructions for the cleanup crew.

We can add a comment to each one of the "outdated" ones to say "is this still an issue? If
there is no response, the issue will be closed after 2 weeks"... or something like that

After the tags comes the hard work :)
That said, over 900 of these issues are older than Jan 1, and may by and large, be outdated.


> On Aug 31, 2017, at 2:10 AM, Chiyuan Zhang <> wrote:
> I could also help with this from time to time. I think maybe at least half
> of the issues are outdated, in the sense that the original reporter was no
> longer working on it or able to provide enough details to reproduce it.
> While some still correspond to important feature request or potential
> serious bugs, many of them could probably be safely closed. I am not
> advocating we should always close issues that are too old, clearly the best
> way is really to resolve it if we have enough man power.
> I would suggest creating some tags for this, things could be 'out-dated',
> 'FAQ', etc. And periodically sweep through the issues, if you see an issues
> that should be closed due to inactivity, you label it as 'out-dated' and
> leave a message saying that it will be closed after XXX days if remains
> inactive. Or if it corresponds to some frequently asked questions, mark it
> as 'FAQ'. And another sweep that also happens periodically could try to
> close the issues marked for 'out-dated' for a while and assemble entries
> into documentation for the 'FAQ' issues.
> - chiyuan
> On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 4:32 AM, Dominic Divakaruni <
>> wrote:
>> fellow mxnet'ers, we have >1900 open issues on git. The most out of any
>> deep learning framework. I am eager to carve out some time to work on
>> reducing this backlog (to the extent of my technical ability). I'd like to
>> make this a team effort to make a meaningful impact. Any ideas? Would you
>> be open to an issue-clean-up-athon?

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