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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: New Apache MXNet content
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2017 18:21:51 GMT
Dear Cynthya,

Thanks for reaching out to the list.

I think it’s important for the community here at the ASF to make sure that
as you are publishing those blogs/posts/tutorials and so forth that they are 
in coordination with the Apache Press/Marketing guidelines and that they
respect the attribution/branding/marketing requirements around Apache
projects. I have CC’ed our VP, Press & Marketing and our VP, Brands & 
Trademarks to ensure that these are coordinated. As these material are 
being developed, bringing them here to the list for feedback and including 
those VPs and their committees, it will help to ensure that the right people
are looped in and that the materials adhere to Apache requirements.


On 7/5/17, 11:17 AM, "Cynthya Peranandam" <> wrote:

    I am a product marketing manager working on AI at AWS. More specifically, I
    have been working on marketing and educational content for Apache MXNet. It
    was suggested by one of the project mentors that I reach out to the dev@
    list to share an update of what we're working on.
    My team at AWS has been working with O’Reilly Media for some time. We
    contracted O'Reilly to develop educational, technical content for Apache
    MXNet to increase awareness of the deep learning framework and help drive
    adoption. O’Reilly will be developing a variety of content
    deliverables—articles, blogs, Jupyter notebooks, tutorials and videos—in
    the next 12 months, to be published on the O’Reilly website:   This content will range from getting started
    material for developers to advanced topics.
    I will share new content from O'Reilly on this list as it becomes available
    in the July/August timeframe. In the meantime, please let me know if you
    have any questions related to content, or if there are any specific MXNet
    topics you’d be interested in seeing more content about. As well, if you
    are interested in potentially authoring content, please let me know.
    Look forward to collaborating on education content for Apache MxNet.
    *Cynthya Peranandam*

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