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From Henri Yandell <>
Subject Re: infra migration
Date Thu, 04 May 2017 06:48:34 GMT
On Mon, May 1, 2017 at 4:13 PM, Dominic Divakaruni <> wrote:

> (trying this from my personal email, since the previous one didnt go out)
> Nudging this to the top of your inbox. Relocating infrastructure to its
> Apache home is one of the first steps in the incubator and is long overdue.
> Contributors and mentors please voice your opinion and move this migration
> forward.  I am restating the relocation work list below with two additional
> items that have been suggested. Please add more that may be missing..
> 1.       Code relocation from GitHub to Apache.
> a.       What are the steps involved to enable the transfer? Any associated
> timelines that the community needs to be aware of? – *Apache Mentors *we
> need your input

At this point it's as soon as possible.

The steps are very simple - give an ASF Infra person temporary Owner
permissions on DMLC and they can move the code in minutes.

I know that both you and I will be at Apache in a week and a bit. I suggest
we meet with ASF Infra to talk through what might go wrong and then get it
done the week after ApacheCon (or possibly while we're at ApacheCon, though
I seem to recall that there are other machine learning conferences at that

> b.       MXNet has cross-dependencies on several DMLC foundational
> sub-modules like core and ps-lite. How does a migration impact such cross
> links to non-apache projects? Should we merge all the MXNet dependent
> modules into a single repository or keep them as separate source
> repositories at Apache? How do projects handle code dependencies/ links
> with other non-apache projects? –*Apache Mentors *we need your input
Excellent question. Typically I see the dependencies done via things like
Maven, RubyGems, PyPI etc.

I'm not aware of Incubator projects having more than one Git repo, but I
don't see that it's not something we can ask for. Another good to discuss
item with Infra.

> c.       What are the project’s build server requirements?*Committers *can
> you please comment?* Apache Mentors, *can one off infrastructure needs be
> addressed?
Weird build requirements have been handled in the past by
contributors/their employers. We'll have to gauge Infra's thoughts on this
once we know what CIs we have running.

> d.       *Contributors*, please raise any additional questions or concerns
> you may have.
> 2.       Moving from to
> a.       AWS may be willing to sponsor the development of a new website
> with Apache branding and guidelines with collective requirements of the
> community!*Contributors/Mentors* what do you think? Are there any other
> potential sponsors for a new website?
I read this as AWS being prepared to bring in a designer if that'll help
(from chatting with you, it'd be a contract rather than in-house); so it's
a weird contribution where AWS will pay someone to contribute. Sally
Khudairi has done similar for the Apache Foundation website, so I suggest
we talk with her about how best to do such things.

Note that Apache Infra will need to run the website, so the implementation
options are tied to what Infra support (HTML or the Apache CMS iiuc).

> b.      What happens to search links and bookmarks when the website moves
> to an Apache URL? *Mentors*, do you have some guidance on this?
My expectation is that the domain name would be transferred to
Apache, and Infra would host that as an alias for,
and change it to when graduated.

> 3.       Moving project communication away the current Slack team
> (apache-mxnet) to the official Apache Slack team per Henri’s
> recommendation.
> a.       There are some active discussions on slack. One of them has to do
> with the docs improvement effort. Suggestion: should the move occur at the
> conclusion of the current docs project? Maybe doing this along with the
> code base relocation makes sense? *Contributors, Mentors,*thoughts?
IIUC that's fairly soon, so that makes sense.

I'm an idiot about Slack though, barely used it.


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